Welcome to Honey Stream. We are located in Brighton, Missouri. We are a producer and packer of honey. All of our honey is raw and unprocessed which ensures taste and goodness, the way honey is meant to be. We are proud to provide you with the finest things that nature has to offer.

Honey gets its start as flower nectar, which is collected by bees, naturally broken down into simple sugars and stored in honeycombs. The unique design of the honeycomb, coupled with constant fanning by the bees’ wings, causes evaporation to take place, creating the thick, sweet liquid we know as honey.

The color and flavor of honey varies from hive to hive based on the type of flower nectar collected by the bees.

We harvest our honey by collecting the honeycomb frames and scraping off the wax cap that bees make to seal off honey in each cell. Once the caps are removed, the frames are placed in an extractor — a centrifuge that spins the frames, forcing honey out of the comb. The honey is spun to the sides of the extractor, where gravity pulls it to the bottom and it can be collected.

After the honey is extracted, it is strained to remove any remaining pieces of wax or other particles. After straining, it’s time to bottle, label and distribute the honey.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 417-540-8508

Our honey is 100% pure, raw and natural.